South Carolina has so much to offer, especially for older adults who are looking for a comfortable retirement. Warm weather and an easy pace of life combined with some helpful tax benefits make South Carolina a place that so many retirees want to move to. Here’s why South Carolina is great for older adults, and what to keep in mind if you move there.

Tax Benefits

One of the reasons why so many older people love South Carolina is because they can save money with tax benefits. Social Security income is not taxed in South Carolina, and there are also plenty of tax deductions for other retirement income. Property taxes in South Carolina are also incredibly low when compared to other parts of the country. The overall cost of living is relatively affordable in South Carolina as well, so you’ll get to save even more of your money without compromising on quality of life.

Stunning Weather

South Carolina has very warm, mild weather. It has miles of beautiful coastline and many popular beach resort towns. For example, Myrtle Beach is one of the most popular beach resorts in the United States. Inland, you can enjoy hiking and biking in the mountains. It rarely snows in the winter and doesn’t get too cold, but the summers aren’t as hot as many other southern states.

Welcoming Atmosphere

South Carolina is full of charming small towns with tight-knit communities. Locals are very hospitable and really care about their neighbors. However, you don’t have to give up the amenities of living in a big city. Cities like Columbia and Charleston have plenty of excellent restaurants, art, and history to explore. For those that want to go back to school, South Carolina offers free classes at state-funded colleges for anyone over the age of 60.

Medicare in South Carolina

As you get older, it becomes more important than ever to have a reliable health insurance plan. Like many other states, South Carolina offers Medicare plans for adults over the age of 65 as well as disabled adults. Original Medicare covers roughly 80 percent of your healthcare costs – Part A covers inpatient hospital costs, and Part B covers outpatient services.

For additional coverage, South Carolinians can purchase a Medigap plan. The state offers a high-risk pool to provide guaranteed-issue Medigap plans for disabled Medicare recipients. If you would also like prescription drug coverage, you can purchase a Part D plan. Alternatively, you can opt for a Medicare Advantage plan, which are provided by private insurers and may offer additional benefits.

South Carolina is a beautiful state with a friendly, relaxed culture that is perfect for older adults. If you’re interested in learning more about your Medicare options in South Carolina, contact Time For 65’s licensed partnered agents today. Fill out this form or give us a call to see how we can help.