Understanding Medicare Costs & Coverages

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What is Medicare?

Parts A & B: Limited hospital & doctor flexibility. Offers limited hospital and doctor flexibility.

Parts A & B: Part A typically has no premium while Part B premium is taken out of your SSI.

Part B: After your deductible is met, you’re responsible for 20% of all healthcare expenses.

Medicare Supplements: Plan G covers most out-of-pocket expenses except your Part B deductible.

Medicare Supplements: Plan N is similar to Plan G, but you’ll have co-pays for doctor and ER visits.

Medicare Supplements: Part D covers your prescription drugs.

Medicare Advantage – the most popular alternative to Original Medicare.

Explore the benefits of an all-in-one Medicare Advantage Plan.

 Medicare Advantage includes all benefits and services covered under Parts A and B.

 May include these additional benefits and more to enhance your overall health.

 May include the additional benefits shown below.

 Medicare Advantage premiums are as low as $0 a month in most areas.

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