Medicare plays a key role in providing health and financial security to beneficiaries residing in North Dakota. With more than 133,500 North Dakota beneficiaries enrolled in Medicare, we’ll cover some very important information below about Medicare in North Dakota. We want to help you better understand your options and make the decision-process as seamless as possible once you’re ready to enroll in Medicare or discover different coverage options.

North Dakota Medicare Enrollments


Original Medicare Plans
(Part A and B)


Medicare Advantage & Other Health Plans


Stand-alone Medicare Part D (Drug plans)


Total Medicare Beneficiaries in North Dakota

Who Qualifies for Medicare in North Dakota?

Medicare covers most North Dakota residents who are age 65 or older, and it also covers disabled North Dakota residents. In general, Medicare enrollment in North Dakota works the same way as it does in the rest of the country. If you qualify, Original Medicare Part A and Part B will help cover your health costs.

Once you have Medicare eligibility, you can begin choosing a new health plan through a Medicare Advantage Plan, Medigap plan, and/or a Medicare Part D drug plan.

Who Qualifies for Medicare

Local Medicare Health Plan Resources in North Dakota

  • North Dakota Insurance Department regulates the private insurance companies that are allowed to offer Part C coverage in the state and administers the State Health Insurance Counseling (SHIC) program, which provides invaluable advice to seniors about what kind of coverage they are eligible for, how to sign up and how to appeal a denial of claim. Trained counselors working for SHIC are fully independent and not affiliated with any private insurance company to ensure conflict-free advice seniors can rely on.
    Contact: Call 1-888-575-6611 or email [email protected].

  • North Dakota Department of Veterans Affairs assists veterans of North Dakota and their dependents in obtaining all benefits to which they are entitled, both federal and state, either by direct contact or through the assistance of County Veterans Service Officers, Tribal Veterans Service Officers, or National Service Officers. Veterans who need help researching or signing up for Medicare Advantage can contact the department for advice and referrals to professional senior care planners.
    Contact: Call 1-866-634-8387 or email through the online contact form.

  • Federal Indian Health Services (IHS) office operates 15 hospitals and several smaller clinics in the Great Plains division, which serves over 130,000 Native Americans in the region. Based in Aberdeen, South Dakota, this office works with tribal elders across its service area, including 17 Native American nations in North Dakota. Counselors working with the office, and with individual tribes, help eligible seniors sign up for Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans, locate Part D benefits and other prescription assistance and apply for Medicaid supplemental coverage for gaps in existing health services.
    Contact: Call 605-226-7581 and online inquiries can be made through the office’s contact form.

  • North Dakota Department of Human Services administers programs and services that help older adults and adults with physical disabilities to live safely and productively in the least restrictive, appropriate setting.
    Contact: Call 1-800-472-2622

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