COVID-19 has fundamentally changed the way we all live. If you’re an older adult who’s used to visiting the gym, then you may need to switch your fitness plan until the virus subsides. However, it can be difficult to replicate your usual workout at home. Below, you’ll find some tips you can utilize to keep yourself fit and active through the duration of COVID-19. You’ll also learn how Medicare can help you achieve this.

Why Can’t I Continue Visiting My Gym?

Some gyms have already begun re-opening to the public. If yours has, you may be considering going back to resume your usual workout plan. However, doing so probably isn’t a good idea. Experts say that you should assess your COVID-19 risks before returning to the gym. Since older adults are likely to have more severe COVID-19 outcomes, it’s recommended that they stay away from the gym until more progress has been made in containing the virus.

How Can I Replace the Gym?

Getting used to a new workout regime can be difficult. However, there are many different ways older adults can keep themselves fit and healthy during COVID-19. If you enjoy being outdoors, consider taking walks around your neighborhood. They provide an excellent opportunity to get moving and to get out of the home for a bit. When you go, be sure to maintain social distancing and wear a mask to keep yourself safe. If you follow these steps, you may even be able to go with a friend.

You may also want to get started on that gardening project you put off. Gardening is an active hobby that keeps your body moving. It’s also another opportunity to get some sun and to enjoy the fresh air. Older adults who love music may also be interested in dancing. All you need is a bit of music, and you have an instant way to connect with your significant other while keeping yourself active.

What About Online Workout Programs?

Another excellent way to keep yourself healthy during COVID-19 is getting started with a home workout program. Older adults have several options to choose from here, including Silver & Fit and SilverSneakers. In normal times, these programs would give you access to thousands of gyms and fitness facilities across the country.

Now, companies like SilverSneakers have shifted their focus to providing at-home workouts to older adults. When you sign up, you’ll instantly gain access to an on-demand video library that features a wide variety of fun and challenging workout classes.

Once you’ve signed up, you can also use SilverSneakers to find free live classes and workshops. These take place on Zoom and give you an opportunity to socialize a bit with other older adults while you get your workout in. Given all of these features, SilverSneakers may be the closest you can get to replicating the workout you’re used to doing at the gym.

Does Medicare Cover SilverSneakers?

Unfortunately, standard Medicare coverage through either Medicare A or Medicare B doesn’t cover fitness programs like SilverSneakers. That being said, it is covered by certain Medicare Advantage Plans, such as Medicare Part C. If you have the right health coverage, you could take advantage of SilverSneakers’ online offerings for free.

Want to learn whether your Medicare coverage includes at-home fitness programs like SilverSneakers? If so, reach out to Time For 65. We’re experts on Medicare and are happy to tell you more about how your plan can help you stay fit during COVID-19. Get started by filling out this form or by giving us a call. We look forward to hearing from you.