When it comes to great retirement destinations, Missouri might not be the first place that comes to mind – but it’s not one you should overlook. It has a conveniently central location within the United States, bringing together the benefits of both urban and rural life. Here’s what makes Missouri a great place to retire.

Fun Culture and a Welcoming Atmosphere

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Missouri has all the friendliness and small-town charm that you would expect from a Midwestern state. It’s a great place to build a community in your later years. However, Missouri also has two world-class cities – Kansas City and St. Louis – both of which have plenty of culture to enjoy. Both cities boast beautiful museums and parks, plenty of live music, and sports teams to cheer for. There’s also great food, ranging from the state’s iconic barbecue to more formal sit-down restaurants.

Affordable and Tax-Friendly

Although Missouri has plenty of excellent amenities, the cost of living is still quite low. Home prices are well below the national average, and rents are quite affordable as well. Additionally, there are some tax benefits to living in Missouri – Social Security income is only partially taxed, and may be completely exempt if you make under $85,000 per year.

Great Benefits for Military Veterans

Missouri is a particularly great place for military veterans to live, as they offer unique benefits for them. Both of Missouri’s military bases have resources for retirees, including housing for retirees at Fort Leonard Wood. They offer unique continuing education opportunities for military veterans, and military pension income isn’t taxed.

Great Outdoor Activities

It’s important for older adults to exercise regularly, and Missouri has plenty of excellent outdoor activities to try. There are rivers and lakes throughout the state, making it a great place for things like boating, fishing, swimming, waterskiing, and more. Missouri’s rolling hills make it a great place for hiking and biking, and they also have thousands of caves to explore for those who are feeling a bit more daring.

Medicare in Missouri

It’s important for older adults to find a reliable doctor that they can trust. Luckily, Missouri has a great healthcare system, with world-renowned hospitals in both Kansas City and St. Louis. In Missouri, adults over the age of 65 can sign up for Medicare coverage. Original Medicare covers 80 percent of healthcare costs through Part A (hospital coverage) and Part B (outpatient coverage).

For those who would like more coverage, you can enroll in a Medigap plan. Medigap pays for remaining expenses that Original Medicare does not cover and will eliminate most copays. You can also opt for a Part D plan, which provides prescription drug coverage. In Missouri, you can also choose from 98 Medicare Advantage plans, which are offered by private insurers and often provide additional benefits.

Missouri offers so many unique benefits for older adults. If you’re interested in learning more about your Medicare options, contact Time for 65’s licensed partnered agents today. Fill out this form or give us a call today to see how we can help.