Montana is known for its wide-open countryside and beautiful mountains. In recent years, people of all ages have been making their move here to enjoy the natural beauty and wide-open space. It’s also a surprisingly great place for older adults to retire, as it’s a very quiet and relaxing place to settle down. Here’s why people from around the country have been making the move to Montana, and how older adults can benefit.

Affordable Living

One of the reasons why people love Montana so much is that it’s relatively affordable. Unlike living in a big metro area, where it can be difficult to afford property, there’s a great selection of homes throughout Montana that won’t break the bank. Since Montana isn’t as densely populated as many other states, you will also get more bang for your buck in terms of space.

Montana also does not have a sales tax and has a very low property tax rate. Income from Social Security is only partially taxed. However, other forms of retirement income are fully taxed.

Outdoor Beauty

Exercising is an important part of any healthy lifestyle, especially for older adults. Montana offers so many great ways to exercise outdoors, so you can stay fit and have fun in the process. Big Sky Country has many of the country’s most beautiful national parks, including Yellowstone National Park and Glacier National Park. These are incredible places to go hiking, mountain biking, whitewater rafting, rock climbing, or whatever other outdoor activity tickles your fancy. In the winter, residents can enjoy skiing and snowboarding in places like Bozeman or Whitefish.

Great Job Market

For older adults who are still working, the job market in Montana is excellent. Cities like Bozeman are growing incredibly quickly and provide exciting opportunities in a variety of industries. While the state is historically known for agriculture and mining, it also has a growing tech sector.

Medicare in Montana

Although Montana may be spread out, you can still find good healthcare providers here. In fact, the town of Kalispell has one of the best hospitals in the United States. It’s very important for older adults to find a healthcare provider they are comfortable with.

Medicare in Montana covers most adults over the age of 65 as well as disabled adults. Original Medicare covers 80 percent of your medical expenses. Hospital expenses are covered through Part A, while outpatient expenses are covered through Part B. Those looking for more coverage can opt for a Medigap plan, which minimizes copays and covers additional expenses not provided with Original Medicare.

If you would like prescription drug coverage, you can also enroll in a Part D plan. Alternatively, you can also choose a Medicare Advantage plan, which is offered by a private insurer. These offer the benefits of Original Medicare and often come with extra benefits. A very small percentage of Medicare recipients in Montana choose Medicare Advantage when compared to other states, at only 19 percent.

Montana is a place where older adults can live a happy and healthy lifestyle. If you’re interested in learning more about your Medicare options, contact Time For 65’s licensed partnered agents today. Fill out this form or give us a call to see how we can help.